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Charles H Bradford

A SERIOUS Political Candidate

Great Changes for DISTRICT 16 Starting 2022

As a sincere Political Candidate, Charles H Bradford, is here to pave the way to change the lives of our families. Here you will find everything you need to know about him, how he got started in politics, issues that deeply concern him, and how you can join him to FINALLY make a POSITIVE Change for District 16.

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Why Your Vote Counts


In order to increase our Local Economy while decreasing Local Crime, we NEED JOBS, and Employers need Funding to help create and maintain those Jobs.  Therefore, I've arranged:

- Three (3), National Employers to expand to District 16 by Year 2022 creating 1000+ NEW Jobs with Job Security for at least Ten (10) Years.

- Commitments from Financial Institutions and Private Funds to help Local Businesses achieve Economic Success starting Year 2022.

• Education Budget Increase

Because State Funding has been limited for the District 16 School District, I have successfully negotiated for Corporations to financially contribute to Education Endowment Funds specifically geared to help bring forward our Local Classrooms to Generational Thinkers.

• Family FUN Centers

I believe spending clean fun and quality time with Family and Friends are also key components to living a healthy, happy, productive life.  Therefore, it was essential for me to find Committed Funds to develop Family Fun Centers, such as Bayou Splash, starting Year 2022. Such Family Fun Centers not only create jobs but also help keep our local dollars home while bringing new dollars from surrounding areas. 

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P.O. Box 223, Bastrop. LA 71220


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